Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Summer Passes By

     My sincere apologies for being so neglectful of this blog. Our overzealousness with photography has caused our 5 year old laptop to call "uncle" and we are unable to upload any more photos. Steve being the techie-er one in the family is trying to figure out what to do. We were gone for almost 3 weeks from the end of June into July so our garden got overgrown and house projects got behind. We're slowly catching up, Steve has started the difficult project of organizing the basement. Plans for a chicken coop are being sketched and scratched out and redone but hopefully we'll have something together for the four chicks before winter. The chicks, I may have forgotten to mention, are the product of Braveheart and his second hen Matilda. Matilda befell an unfortunate end at the paws of some wild animal in early June but not before the Leaches and Rachel stored away four eggs in our incubator. They all hatched successfully although one seems a bit weaker than the rest but is doing well.
    We also got two baby nigerian dwarf goats to help clear the brush, and because they are just so darn cute!  Our initial plan of having the goats roam the backyard was thwarted after the pair escaped not once but twice! They're now now on a line, getting moved around the yard and staying in the tiger cage dog house doing their best at clearing brush. Braveheart has taken to the pair wholeheartedly, you can usually find him hanging around them or sitting in their house pecking at their food. The only one not happy about the goats being tied up is Bella because, well goats just aren't any fun if they don't run around and bleat.
The four chicks, wondering if they are going to be as big as their daddy.

Betty and Wilma, they are around 10-15 weeks old and will get about as big as Bella, which will be interesting to see. Photos thanks to Patty (and facebook)

Tomatoes have been prolific, so have the spaghetti squash and butternut squash. My zinnias are doing well but overall I would give my gardening a C grade for the year thus far. Oh well, only place to go is up.

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